The Sports, Energy & Consciousness Group is an integrated online, and offline, collective of world-class athletes, leading-edge coaches, psychologists, doctors, entrepreneurs and energy healers elevating consciousness through sport. To see if you qualify to join the collective, click the button below that says "I'm Ready!" Please answer honestly and authentically. All applications are subject to review to make sure the collective remains strong and united.

As a member of the SEC Group, you'll have access to personal information of other tribe members. Are you willing to keep this information 100% confidential? *

The SEC Group has rituals in place to empower and energize each member of the collective. Commitment to a daily practice of accessing higher consciousness through sport is one of them. Do you commit to a daily consciousness practice through sport? *

The SEC Group is a collective of action-takers and catalysts within the world of sports, not just another Facebook group. Our collective lives outside of Facebook to help deepen the connection of our community. Do you commit to introducing yourself to the group and being a positive and supportive member of the collective? *

What's your first name? *

What's your last name? *

In what areas do you want to improve performance and access higher states of consciousness through sport? *

Why do you want to join? Why now? *

Finally, do you understand that if accepted there is a monthly membership fee required after your 14-day trial? *

The monthly charge is currently US$29.99, and will be going up soon.

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